What We Do

Ability Allies Indiana

Representing Students With Disabilities

Our Ability Allies attorneys represent parents and students in education matters in both state and federal courts and in matters before the Indiana Department of Education, including Special Education Complaints, Mediation and Article 7 Due Process Hearings. 

This is for students with disabilities in elementary, middle and high school and in college.

How To Apply

Applicants should complete our application form and submit it by:

Ability Allies   5954 North College Avenue   Indianapolis, IN 46220




If you email this form to Ability Allies via the website, the application may be accessible/viewed by others and therefore may not be confidential. Please do not send any additional documentation with the application. Once a completed application is received by Ability Allies, it will be reviewed to determine eligibility for services. Once eligible, the applicant will be provided a consultation appointment with an attorney to discuss their matter.

Eligible applicants whose annual household income is under 150% of the federal poverty level (FPL) will generally receive free services, while clients whose annual income is between 150 to 300% of FPL will be charged a low-cost fee for services. 

Per Ability Allies guidelines, applicants living at 125% of FPL level will be given priority for services.

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How We Help Families

Special Education Matters

This includes issues involving eligibility for special education services, the amount and type of services received, educational placement determinations and discipline matters for students.

Education Matters

This includes issues involving the discipline of students with disabilities who may not have been identified yet for special education.

Section 504 Plans

This is for students with a disability who may not qualify for special education services.

Issues Concerning Accommodations for Students

This is for students with disabilities in elementary, middle and high school and in college.

Ability Allies Indiana

Our Clients

Ability Allies provides services to:

  • Families who have concerns about a student’s special education and related services.
  • Families who are concerned with their student’s academic performance or behavior and suspect their student may have a disability.
  • Families of a student who has been subjected to disciplinary measures at school for behavior. 
  • Students who have questions about, or are having trouble accessing, disability services in college.

Ability Allies Indiana

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How You Can Help

You can support the work of Ability Allies by becoming part of our mission to serve children with disabilities who need a voice in their future.